Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ statement on the outcome of the referendum

July 6, 2015 | categories : Articles and Statements, Prime Minister

My fellow Greek citizens,

The referendum does not have winners or losers.

It is a great victory, in and of, itself.

Today, all of us have written a bright spot into the pages of modern European history.

We’ve shown that even under the most difficult circumstances, democracy cannot be blackmailed, and is a dominant value and a way forward.

We have also shown that when there is faith and a collective spirit,  people can withstand and overcome even the greatest obstacles.

I wholeheartedly thank each and every one of you individually.

Regardless of what you selected at the polls today, from now on, we are all one.

It is our duty to do our best to get through this crisis and see Greece rise again.

Preserving our national unity, and restoring social cohesion and economic stability.

I also want to thank the thousands of European citizens in all major European cities that took to the streets, actively showing their solidarity with the Greek people.

My fellow Greek citizens,

Given the adverse conditions that prevailed last week, you made a very brave choice today. However, I am fully aware that the mandate you’ve given me is not to break with Europe, but rather to strengthen our bargaining power to achieve a sustainable agreement. With social justice, with prospects for our future and an end to the vicious cycle of austerity.

And I will act on this mandate without delay.

We all know that there are no easy solutions.

But there are just solutions.

There are viable solutions.

As long as both sides show willingness.

It is important to note that in today’s historic and courageous choice, the Greek people responded to the correct question, thereby changing the dialogue in Europe.

They did not answer the question whether to stay or leave the euro. The discourse around this question must cease permanently. Europe cannot simply be a one-way street of memoranda and austerity.

The Greek people answered the question: What kind of Europe do we want?

Their brave reply: we want a Europe of solidarity and democracy.

Starting tomorrow, Greece will be at the negotiating table.

Our immediate priority is to quickly restore our banking system’s functioning and our economic stability.

I am confident that the ECB fully understands not only our country’s economic circumstances, but also the extent to which the humanitarian crisis has unfolded in our country.

We are prepared to continue negotiating. With a credible financing plan. With a credible reform plan that will have the support of Greek society. With social justice criteria and the transfer of burdens from the weak to the financially strong. And with a credible plan that will foster growth and investments, in cooperation with the European Commission.

Now, too, the issue of our debt will be on the negotiating table in light of the IMF’s recent report on its sustainability. This report wasn’t introduced earlier; it was absent from the negotiations until the day before yesterday. It confirms the Greek position that debt restructuring is necessary to reach a final sustainable solution to end the crisis, both for Greece and for the Europe.

My fellow Greek citizens,

Right now, our country needs to stand united, to show sincere understanding to overcome the challenges.

I will meet with the President shortly and request that he convene a meeting of the Council of Political Leaders tomorrow morning; I will advise them of the government’s plans, but will also hear their suggestions.

Today we celebrate the victory of democracy. Tomorrow, we will all continue our national effort to reach an agreement.

With the faith of our people in our efforts, as a powerful ally.

With democracy and justice, which is on our side, as a powerful ally.

I am confident that we will succeed.