Statement on the revelations about ParadisePapers

The issue of tax havens is a challenge for both the global community and the Greek government. A well-trained economic elite is provocatively burdening the weights on the weakest»

The revelations that started yesterday concerning ParadisePapers confirm the unfair, irrational, tragic reality of our world.

The global elite conceals enormous sums of money in tax havens, avoiding systematically audits and taxation of their economic activities.

And this is happening at a time when billions of people all over the world bear the brunt of economic crisis and unprofitable exploitation.

At a time when the socially excluded and the victims of poverty, unemployment and the dissolution of the social state are multiplying.

It is an inhuman mechanism which characterizes capitalism of our time and which reproduces and continuously expands global inequalities.

Greece has a bitter experience, as one of the main reasons led to crisis was the non-transparent actions of a well-trained economic elite, its intertwining with the political system, and its constant resistance to bear the burdens that were attributable to it.

Those burdens that, with the help of their political friends, were defiantly put on the shoulders of the weak.

The issue of tax havens is a challenge for the World Community.

And the Greek government is also facing this challenge. There cannot be a fairer world, nor hope for the workers, without transparency and fairness in tax burdens.

What can we do? We can give forcefully and decisively the battle in all international organizations.

Strengthen those forces of information who have the courage to reveal aspects of this enormous tax fraud mechanism.

And of course, to continue in our country, even more decisively, to beat tax evasion and to impose rules of transparency and fairness.

In order at last to establish in Greece a fair development model that will support the needs of the many.

We are committed to this struggle to justify the expectations and hopes of the Greek people and to prove that there is another way.

The path of social justice, equality and solidarity.