Our country has set the goal to cover 50% of its energy needs using RES by 2030.

Statement following the conclusion of the ‘One Planet Summit’ in Paris.

Statement by Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, following the conclusion of the ”One Planet Summit”, in Paris.

We had the opportunity today, leaders and government representatives from all over the world, to reaffirm our commitment to protecting the planet, our commitments regarding climate change. Commitments we made two years ago, again here in Paris. Today we need to reaffirm these commitments, as unfortunately not all countries follow what was agreed.

European countries, the EU is the power engine to implementing the necessary reforms in order to protect future generations from climate change. Unfortunately, the United States did not follow. But I believe that in this joint effort of our commitment to the next generations, it is never too late for anyone to revise their positions and their actions so that we can all together commit to protecting the future of this planet and the future of next generations.

Greece is a country that has advanced belatedly in comparison to what it needed to realize earlier, that is the necessary changes for climate change, but lately it has been advancing at a rapid pace. We meet the 2020 targets in relation to our commitments and we are absolutely optimistic that we will also reach the 2030 target. Our goal for 2030, in order to cover our needs in Greece, is 50% of the energy to be produced by renewable energy sources. Greece is in a location on the planet that has this comparative advantage and the ability to utilize the sun, water, air, natural wealth, in order to produce energy. And in this sense, to contribute to the context of the great effort to stop the phenomenon of climate change, protect the planet and create a more promising prospect for future generations.

We reaffirmed this great commitment today, and I believe that we have sent a very important message together. And let us wish this message to be heard by everyone because I repeat in this effort, we are all obliged to contribute.