The Hellenic Republic honors Ambassador Alexandros Zenon

For his timeless, substantial contribution to the promotion and deepening of the brotherly relations between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

Παρασημοφόρηση Πρέσβυ Αλέξανδρου Ζήνωνα
Παρασημοφόρηση Πρέσβυ Αλέξανδρου Ζήνωνα

Mr. President of the Republic of Cyprus

Dear Ministers

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Hellenic Republic honors, Ambassador Alexandros Zenon, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus, today with one of its highest distinctions, for his timeless, substantial contribution to the promotion and deepening of the brotherly relations between the Foreign Ministries of our two countries; a cooperation which expresses the identification of our peoples, and their decisive commitment to the national affair of Cyprus.

Mr. Ambassador, your entire active life has evolved in this direction; along with your generation, the tragic summer of ’74, you were at the forefront – honoring your homeland, fighting, and starting your personal journey for the service of Cyprus, as well as the Law. The Cyprus State has distinguished your quality and abilities and has consistently requested your services in high-responsibility positions; you have responded with dedication and exemplary execution to the overarching task of promoting the interests of the Republic of Cyprus, identifying with the case of finding a fair and viable solution to the Cyprus issue on the basis of UN decisions.

Throughout your term of office, and with your education – engaging in matters of diplomacy as well as of law, defense, security, and specific areas of history – you have given a particular quality to the content of the cooperation between the Greek and Cypriot diplomacy. Most importantly, you have expressed the mental commitment of the two diplomatic services, which is necessary both for the Cyprus issue and for the indissoluble ties that unite Greece and Cyprus.

Mr. Ambassador, with the successful completion of your term in the diplomatic service of Cyprus – which I understand is approaching – the Greek State has decided to honor you for all the reasons I mentioned; and express the assurance that your contribution for Cyprus and Greece will continue, our common struggle is not over, from any position and at any time in our life, we are all aligned in the great effort.

With these words, Mr. Ambassador, as Prime Minister of Greece, I am pleased to give you the Grand Cross of the Order of Honor of the Hellenic Republic, expressing my warmest congratulations.